First day at HSI

This is the post excerpt.


I had to fill out a few forms that I obtained from the guidance office at my school. After I had finished filling out the forms I turned them into the guidance office. A week later I was called down to the guidance office. Amy told me that I was one of the students that has chosen to nominate. I was so thankful that she chose me to be one of the students from our high school. I wanted to be apart of this program because it sounded like a wonderful experience. It had some of my interests so I decided to do it. I want to learn more in photography and computer science it will help me out with my future career goal. If it wasn’t for Tori telling me about this wonderful program I honestly don’t think I would be here right now.

Expectations and Hopes:

I expect to learn more and become better at photography. I want to figure out some more things about computer science. I’m going to give it my all and try my hardest. I want to make this experience something I’ll remember for  awhile. I’m hoping to become closer to my fellow classmates. I want to get to know one another and not act like total strangers. I hope that I can learn to be more outgoing and try talking to people more often. I hope I get a really great experience out of this.


Everything has been good so far. Besides everyone being really shy and quiet. We’ve done some fun activities to get to know everyone and the place. Everyone seems to be really nice so far. I hope everything starts expanding and we all become really close and not act like total strangers. I’ve taken quite a few pictures already, it’s a wonderful environment here.

Not Looking Forward to:

There is nothing I am not looking forward to so far. Everything seems to be going well for the first few days I’ve been here. Everyone seems to be very nice nice so far. As of right now there is nothing that I am not looking for to. I feel like this will be a wonderful experience.

HSI Reflection

To those of you who may end up reading my blog. I don’t know who are and I don’t know what kind of person you are, but I do know you’re about to have an amazing 3 weeks here. I didn’t think I was going to at first but trust me you will. You’re going to meet some wonderful people that will impact your life and hopefully you’ll stay in contact with them.

Now for the classes. Media Literacy was a really great class. I had a lot of fun going on our field trips. My favorite field trip was of course the Snowy Range Mountains. Even though I did end up slipping and getting my shoes and socks all wet it was fun. After that I took them off and just went in and one of mt friends from Gillette went in there with me which was nice. He didn’t let me do that alone. I took a lot of good pictures that day. We even decided to hike up after we got out of the water and he got dry because I wasn’t getting dry anytime soon. After we got done we had sacked lunches then went to an ice cream place near by. Our trips were always really fun I looked forward to every one of them.

Then there was Robotics. I loved that class sure he gave some pretty boring lectures but what’s a class without a lecture. Right? That class is going to help me prepare for the future. It helped with computer science and that’s what i’m going into. That class really prepared me and helped me figure out what to expect in my future. The class was really fun even if you mess up they will help you get back on track. On the last day you have a competition to see who’s robot is faster and doesn’t hit a wall. We  went on a field trip to the super computer in Cheyenne and after that we went to the super Walmart. They were a lot of cool thing that I saw at the super computer. When we went to Walmart it was so cold. He was giving us a tour of the whole store. We decided to cut through the ice cream section that was -10 degrees in there. I might have been really cold but it was a fun field trip.

I think one of my favorite memories was when we went to laser tag. Even though my skills weren’t that good I had fun. I went on this wipeout obstacle which was really fun even though everyone eventually ended up on the ground of course. They even had some arcade games which were fun i’m sure I still have some quarters left over from that night. Then outside they had a little set up where you could ride these animals and they played music. I had the elephant and even though it was really slow it played better music than the other animal that was working that one of the PC’s was riding at the time. Outside the range was a where we could have a water gun fight and my advice is don’t team up with one of the PC’s because one of them ditched me after he got really wet. Then upstairs was where we ate pizza, had drinks, sang karaoke, played pool, watched people fail at wipeout and some fun card games. That night was one of my favorites I had so much fun.

I’ve really came out of my shell from coming here. I’m usually really quiet and awkward but I wasn’t I actually talked to a lot of people and made so many new friends. No. I didn’t make friends. I made friends that turned into family. I love them all so much i’m going to hate having to leave all of them. They changed me as a person. I picked up a few things from them that I will carry with me. I don’t want to lose contact with some of them because they mean a lot to me and I hope to see them again in the near future.

HSI has prepared me because I’m on campus I’m living the college life without actually being in college yet. It’s been a really great experience. I’m glad I decided to come here because It’s been quite an experience and i’ll never forget any of this i’m going to miss being here though it’s changed me so much but in a good way. It’s helped me figure out that I’m sure about what I want to do. I want to go into computer science and now I’m even more sure that I’m going to.

The only thing I would do differently is be more involved. I kind of kept to myself at times which wasn’t that good. I should’ve went out there and had more fun than I did even though this was a great experience I could’ve made it better if I would’ve been more involved.

I will tell everyone about my experience and I’ll tell them how much fun I had because it’s an experience that I’m glad I was able to endure. If they get a chance to do something like this I suggest that they take it but it’s a chance of a lifetime I highly recommend they go through this program I’ll be sure to tell everyone back home about my wonderful experience here.

Book Banning

I really loved that book. It talked about penguins and how when they get older the boys and girls notice each other and they fall in love. But there were these to boy penguins that were different from everyone else. They did everything together. One of the adults there notice and thought they were falling in love. But they couldn’t hatch an egg like the others so he brought them an egg to hatch. I thought that was really cute. It’s brings support to the LGBT community which I love. I love books about LGBT it makes them feel normal and that it’s okay to be different because not everyone is the same. I feel that books like this shouldn’t be banned because it helps the LGBT teens feel like they belong. If they ban all books because they have to deal with homosexuality then that will make the LGBT community feel like they don’t belong. I hope that’s not what they’re going for. If someone doesn’t like the book then they don’t have to read nobody’s forcing them.

Some of the LGBT community are having a tough time as it is just trying to fit in at school or even at home. They don’t want books to be banned so they feel even less important. If they’re parents don’t accept them for who they are then they’re all feeling like they’re no accepted. They want to have a relationship with their parents they want their family to accept them for who they are. All they really want to do is feel like they actually belong in the world.

Body Image

The media wants everyone to be so skinny even though that’s not how it is. Everyone is different everyone has different bodies. Nobody is going to look the exact same and I don’t like how it tries to make us feel that we need to be skinny. We someone on tv or magazine or whatever else it is and we think to ourselves “I really wish I was her/him” “I really with I had their body” We say stuff like that and it starts to bring down our self esteem which isn’t good. I don’t thing everyone should look like their ideal body image. I feel like people need to be different and even if they do get there society will still be telling them they’re not good enough in some way. If they’re really skinny they’ll start telling them how they’re too skinny and probably start calling them anorexic because if you’re really skinny people tend to think you don’t eat when that really isn’t the case. Yes, we would see these workout things of all these girls that looked so skinny and so good we wanted to be like them. We even started working out and trying to eat healthy so we could get like that. I feel like the media should just aim it towards skinny people. They should have all sort of different types of people. It shouldn’t matter how much they weigh or what they look like people they’re still beautiful besides what society is trying to tell them. I could be positive e and tell people how beautiful they are however they are because they’re them and they’re different and that’s how they should be.

Snowy Range

On June 19th our class took one last field trip to the Snowy Range Mountains. Even though I slipped, fell in, and my feet were wet throughout the whole day, I ended up taking some pretty cool photos. We even decided to go hiking after we were out of the water and got somewhat dry.  There were a lot of pretty cool things out there. It’s such a beautiful place to go to and explore.



Berry Biodiversity Center & Geological Museum

On the 15th of June our class decided to take a trip to the Berry  Biodiversity Center & Geological Museum. There were lots of wonderful things to see when you go to these places. There were some really cool rocks, dinosaurs and bearded women photos at the museum. Then when we went to the Biodiversity center there were some camels, snakes, and some other cool animals you could see. There’s just a lot of wonderful things to see when you go to these places.





My Media Diet


My media routine beings right when I wake up. I turn my alarm off of my phone. the next thing I do is just get ready for the day. After i’m ready I get on my phone to do my snapchat streaks so I don’t lose any of them. throughout the day I tend to check my notifications. Them at the end of the day when i’m in my room I get on my phone do my night time streaks then just kinda scroll through things on my phone. I do text my friends somewhere in their I don’t do it to often though because I like keeping to myself I usually just text them if we’re going to hang out. Not much media consists of news. Every now and then when I decide to scroll through Facebook when I get bored I see some news. Depending on what the news is decides if I believe it or not. I use Facebook because a lot of people have it and the news will spread fast. I could probably try to get more involved so i’m more aware of the world around me. On my free time I tend to watch YouTube and Netflix that’s when i’m not out doing something though. I like you tube there are lots of entertaining people on there that amuse me. Netflix has thousands of shows, series, and movies that are available to watch. Every once in awhile I’ll find a really good one that I’m into.

Wyoming Tribute Eagle

On the 12 we took a trip to the Wyoming Tribute Eagle in. There were lots of wonderful things I didn’t expect to see there. They had lots of different things that caught my eye.  We learned lots of things that help with creating a news paper. It’s harder than you may thing. It’s actually a hard job and they spend lots of money during their job.




On our field trip to Vedauwoo there was quite a a bit of excitement on the way. As you can see there are quit a bit of interesting things when you decide to go to Vedawoo. Even if it was hard trying to get to the top we still got pretty far and got some wonderful photos as seen below.